Our body system sometimes gets neglected when we think about taking care of our overall health. The digestive system is where good nutrition and health starts. Thus we should take care of our digestive system. Moreover, there is a strong link between immunity and a healthy digestive system.

So, a healthy digestive system is key to having good health for a long time. This is where Health Up® Tonic comes into the picture. Health Up® Tonic is an Ayurvedic Health Tonic beneficial for the whole family.

What Is Health Up® Tonic?

Health Up® Tonic is an ayurvedic health tonic brought to you by Clouds M Pharmaz. This tonic is enriched with several beneficial herbs which reach the intestine to provide several health benefits to the body.

According to a study published in the World Journal of Dermatology, there is a direct relationship between the intestinal system and skin health. Therefore, for healthy skin, we need a good digestive system. Since Health Up® Tonic has probiotics, it helps manage our digestive system. Moreover, Health Up® Tonic does not contain any chemicals or preservatives.

According to research conducted on a group of young women, intaking Health Up® Tonic regularly for some time helps in making the skin clear.

Health Up® Tonic helps our body in more ways than just one. It works wonders in preventing constipation, maintaining good gut health, reducing the chances of upper-respiratory tract infections, reducing anxiety and stress, overall improving your health, so on. Health Up® Tonic also helps improve your skin.

Health Up® Tonic contains the goodness of medicinal plants which have anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties as recommended by our Indian Ayurved.


• Goodness of Ayurveda

• 100%  Ayurvedic

• Useful in digestive weakness and loss of appetite

• Helpful in improving overall health

• Provides strength & stamina

Dosage :

(Adults): 1 to 2 tablespoonfuls (15 to 30ml) with an equal quantity of water after meals or as directed by the physician.

Or take the dosage as per the physician’s recommendation.

Health Up® Tonic, a 100% ayurvedic tonic that has potent herbs for recuperation from weakness. Improves physical strength and stamina and reduces weakness and fatigue in women. This tonic is a complete health tonic for the mind and body which enhances skin health and a natural glow.

Health Up® tonic is a unique blend of herbs to keep up the nutritional level in our body. The unique composition also helps improve the metabolism and digestion in our body. Herbs in Health Up® Tonic aids in normalizing stress and anxiety level, is good for healthy liver functioning.

Health Up® Tonic is the right answer for your tired and stressed body. Because your diet does not guarantee you the nutrients your body needs to beat anxiety, (sleeplessness), improper digestion, general weakness, etc.  This tonic comes with potent herbal tinctures, and minerals to restore physical well-being and stimulate mental activity thereby promoting well-being.

Health Up® Tonic restore the body’s vital force and produce wonderful results in rapid development in the growth of our body, increase energy, improve appetite and rectify nervous debility, sleeplessness and improve body weight.

Health Up® Tonic is easy to add to your existing diet, so try incorporating it into your diet today!

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